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Play sound don't into the top ten pitfalls
Click:1730 Date:2013-9-27 10:56:42

One is the equipment in the cabinet. Someone for decoration and protection equipment into a custom-made cabinets, which caused by rack space latent vibration makes the timbre turbidity, amplifiers and other equipment as there were not enough air circulation, easy overheating and aging. Such as put the speakers into the wall, can make the sound effects become stiff.
The second is stacked equipment. A lot of people love DVD, amplifier, tuner, digital analog converter, such as machine is placed overlapping, this will cause mutual interference, especially with the power interference is serious, a laser camera can make the hard tone, and produces depressive feeling. The correct behaviour is to put equipment designed by the manufacturer of the audio frame.
Three is power plug or both. Power plug plus or minus handle good system, sound distinct, natural smooth; Plus or minus inconsistencies or uneven, hard tone will be rough.

Four is not firm connection and impurity. If the system sound hard, one of the reasons may be poor contact, such as plug, contact oxidation, touch dirt or grease, etc., so you should regularly check, keep contact surface clean.

Five was carrying equipment, marble or glass. Marble low density, high resonance, affect the acoustics. Glass density higher than marble, but not thick, resonance is more serious. Can use granite or granite, especially granite, highest density, carrying equipment is ideal, but the thickness is more than 3 cm.

Six is the speakers put "adjust measures to local conditions". Someone because of indoor with other furniture first, and the speaker placement accommodation furniture. Right should be decided to listen to the distance, then put the speaker on the seat and the wall between the 1/3, speakers of spacing for listeners and speakers direct distance of 0.7 times, ear height to listener and soprano flush unit as well.

Seven is improper handling. When handling connection cannot make the power cord and signal lines together, because of alternating current (ac) will affect the signal; Signal or horn lines are not knot, otherwise will affect the tone; Signal lines or horn line for too long can be shortened. Many signal direction. Don't mistake.
Eight is taken for granted treatment room acoustics. In addition to the clear sound, sound insulation, more important is the processing of ultrasonic reflection, refraction, this need to consider the size of the room, size, strong degree, the use of materials, etc., if not an expert, even if will be decorated with luxury and beauty of the room, the sound is hard to achieve the best effect.

Nine is to follow blindly. Starting from the actual, not blindly imitate others. If somebody else with short line, long horn line effect is good, this is because its level before and after and laser machine is balanced, and your equipment is not balanced, also to imitate, it will be difficult to achieve the same effect.

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