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Interpretation of the equalizer mixer application
Click:1618 Date:2013-12-5 10:53:40

Tuning mixer is also called the console, it will be multiple input signal amplification, mixing, distribution, modification of timbre and sound processing, is a modern radio, stage amplification, audio programming system for broadcasting and recording programmes such as important equipment. Mixer is one of the main role by modifying tone, and now the mixer (except for high-grade) almost without exception is a three-stage equalizer tone parts: high frequency and low frequency, and an intermediate frequency parameter equalizer, namely the high frequency lOkHz or 2 KHZ, bass 80 hz and 100 hz, some are the HI and LO of the standard English let you to guess, but the above parameters also. Intermediate frequency is adjustable parameters, balancers generally called equalizer, for medium frequency parametric equalizer with the ordinary people.

Mixer is one of the most important role by modifying tone, and now the mixer except (advanced) local almost without exception is a three-stage equalizer tone: the high frequency and low frequency, and an intermediate frequency parameter equalizer, namely the high frequency lokhz or 2 KHZ, bass 80 hz and 100 hz, some standard English the hi and lo, let you to guess, but can you guess what the above parameters will be close. Intermediate frequency is adjustable parameters, the intermediate frequency parametric equalizer individuals with, know that aim at a certain frequency with frequency button, and then use the button above to strengthen or decay.But be careful this time is dominated by two way pusher singer volume, unavoidable some inconvenience, of course, also can be the way the volume balance well after mixed marshalling, so that you can use a marshalling pusher. Is familiar with and adequate application of mixer socket can make your mixer promotion grade, get more sound disposal of wrist, make your work more handy.
But for some careless acoustics division also compete sound knob as pickling, meet the bass knob on the 80 hz and 100 hz think what is the channel in the electric guitar, don't think this frequency and cut it to the left to see the high lokhz or 12 KHZ will toggle on the button to the left spin thought that this channel is electric bass also don't want to, it would be wrong, because it relate to the three sections of the consciousness of the equalizer characteristics, in the general tuning stage of intermediate frequency parametric equalizer is a high q value, narrow band bandpass filter, it is a peak frequency characteristic curve, frequency band is very narrow, but frequency can move around.Input channel mixer can amplify the signal, and adjusting the input voice equilibrium (EQ), or even other effects, such as compression, etc. Mixer can make many sounds together to form a stereo; Mixer for musicians and actors "return" to monitor; Mixer to assist effect instrument for each channel add reverb and delay effect; Mixer sends the sound of each channel multi-track recorder or track recording audio interface; Mixer can let the engineer is very convenient to monitor all the voice of the channel, and does not interfere with these channels.

In addition to the equalizer and a button associated with frequency, namely in some tuning stage gain toggle button will have a low cut, this is actually a high-pass filter, normal above show that the frequency of the removal of is 75 ~ 80 hz, it is said that when press the button when the 75 hz frequency will be out. Then low frequency knob is also play a role? Of course is still at work, it will develop further in it for more than 75 hz frequency.The largest role in the three sections of equalizer is intermediate frequency parametric equalizer, this is really a good stuff, it can find out the need to dispose of the frequencies of the sound of compensation, in advanced tuning stage common will be set two intermediate frequency parametric equalizer, a mid is hi high and moderate frequency, the frequency of its category is 600 hz ~ lokhz, the other is a lo of mid low intermediate frequency it is 150 ~ 2400 hz frequency category, sorry normal mixer is only one, it is generally 200 ~ 6000 hz frequency scale.
You can use the first channel of the parametric equalizer compensation 250 hz, and then use another channel of parametric equalizer to compensate 2000 hz, at this point, of course, the volume of the first channel is so don't need to push up the sound from the first two pusher is sent out, you can also use the so all the way to send out the voice and the acoustic wave to the utility, can, of course, if you have interest and so on, to get more intermediate frequency equalizer, can make more modification on tone, nothing more than two intermediate frequency parametric equalizer sound of singer retouching is sufficient,One thousand your mixer does not directly output socket, whether there is a way to get two intermediate frequency parametric equalizer? Still can, you can output from singer channels help the aux pulled out all the signal, and then all the way back to the other channel, but you can also lose two intermediate frequency parametric equalizer, this help output before it is best to use aux1 namely pusher, so this is so don't have to push all the way up to the processed signal is sent to the other for processing all the way, one thousand before your clipper auxl is occupied by a band.You can also use the clipper aux2 or aux3, at this time to give priority to with channel 1, with medium frequency channel 1 parametric equalizer to compensate 2500 hz, this channel for the tonic, and then will be another channel of intermediate frequency 250 hz, parametric equalizer to compensate conference system information, group the original digital audio and video equipment adhering to the people-oriented design concept, tailored personalized design for the customer, all in the interests of users! Pushed slowly tone after modification, heard the singer's sound become round.
You can do whatever you want to tone almost to adjust, but remember: the transition of modified sometimes gild the lily, make sound very harsh, instead here provided should you nothing more than just a way of timbre. Another string in the main channel of the individual is 31 period of equalizer, multimedia central control system, the company became the pioneers of digital wireless conferencing systems, audio and video leading technology research and development, and apply for a number of international patent successfully! Is also here to singer tone must be modified, for example you channel equalizer in the singer's made up of 2500 hz, after can be in 31 period of equalizer of 200 ~ 300 hz frequency make some promotion can also to make up for the human consequences.


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