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In 2014, performing arts market return true operator
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2012 2012 yuan, 2013 yuan in 1.442 billion - this is the "make" Beijing show market in the past two years. In consecutive years to maintain growth, after last year's Beijing performance market to take a 5% year-on-year decline. However, this is hardly a beautiful Numbers, not let such loss, bring a relief instead. Paragraph from the "eight", to the central five ministries jointly issued "about stopping the luxurious extravagance, advocates thriftily party notice," thrifty "acting under the influence of the ecosystem is changing, once seemingly prosperous market performance are edging out bubbles, subside swelling.

The central paragraph "eight", let the performing arts market bubbles off its perch

"The lobby will be" easy breeding ground for corruption   

"More than m performance company fail" message, at the end of last year began circulating in the industry. However, from the perspective of the statistics of relevant departments of the master, this is too fantastic. According to the ministry of culture, the cultural development statistics report 2013, by the end of 2012, the national total of art troupes, 7321, among them, the cultural departments at all levels to the management of art troupes, 2128, the folk professional troupes, 4550. Performing arts groups "here refers to the cultural department brought the commercial performance license units, including enterprise." Explained the relevant person in charge of the ministry of culture.   

However, some used to rely on big party this company currently unsustainable, it's true. "If you want to say who pour out, should be the company who make big party." Senior director, performance event planner Liu Guochao outspoken and "strictly speaking they actually can call the company, the company is to be input and output of operation, in order to create a profit and value, they are at best make activities of speculators, for individual local government departments and enterprises have some" fun "project, to promote the development of performance industry no."   

Take the same view of China and Beijing sing He Jingbin brothers company general manager, the performing arts in Beijing market and make the promoter for more than a decade, said to have been in the market, rely on private culture company, grossing "thrifty" did not make much of the so-called shock. In addition, Liu Guochao, He Jingbin is mentioned, a lot of "the lobby" "big party" invite some stars appear at all costs, if the use of public funds for its high appearance fee or money, is easy to cause the occurrence of corruption.

                                "More than m performance company fail" message is too exaggerated

Big Ed guide cornucopia

"Affected by the 'thrifty makes the biggest is the big big guide, are those who value inflated party singer. They used to be the biggest beneficiaries of the big party." Have declined to be named said promoter. , He Jingbin also impressed: "the so-called big director, often can receive tens of millions of yuan investment celebration party, they earn is not director fees, high production costs, but they have their own stage, costume, lighting and other imperial troops, there are huge profits."   

Many places large festival party a big spending, is performance planning and money. Organizers of the party which tend to invite some of the "big" auteur as general planning, the general director, can not only guarantee the quality of performance, can also through their connections to arrange a party in a television broadcast. "Nowadays, each big television station has carried on the strict requirements to within a staff, directors would not have dared to come out to work in Taiwan." A television industry insiders revealed that in private.   

The affected larger and the so-called "singer" party. "They tend to favor with the big party, celebration, these activities by local government, money. They sing two songs have hundreds of thousands of dollars into the pockets, or after-tax earnings, but in the real market environment don't get the price." He Jingbin said. But now, many party singers have "disappeared". In Liu Guochao view this is a good thing, "on the one hand, singers inflated price will come down; on the other hand, the so-called 'shape of mouth is still sound party lip-synching phenomenon will put an end to. Singers on relationship before, after, on her own to think about how to improve the level of art."


                                               "Thrifty" impact on the private enterprise is not big

Return the market to the operator

When some people complain about being "thrifty" smashed his job at the same time, some performance company boss is smile stretch, because the market lifeline for much greater improvement.

Frugality to 'for those who rely on market, rely on the promoter of the audience is good. "Said Liu Guochao. His company every year before the Spring Festival in Beijing great hall of the people in the New Year concert, the box office has been good, this year is no exception," as long as you do show originality, good quality, don't worry about tickets. As Beijing New Year concert, never rely on a single, is people to buy tickets, accumulated bit by bit the brand effect. "

Liu Guochao also feel special mention, "in the past, some large stage project of our company doesn't value, 100000 yuan, 200000 yuan of projects, in their eyes are not work. It's different now, their big business affected to our work also began to value." A performance venues, he said Beijing had a "hidden rules", as long as the project to do with the site, with its bound stage company, otherwise no way, "now they are no longer so bullish, obviously also the terms of the negotiations."

Performance venues green fees "soaring", this also is Liu Guochao expected, "every arrive the end of the year before, a few large performance venues are very tight, the rent increase every year. Now the market bubble was trimmed down, venue rental also should return to rational."

Cultural transformation in pain

"Before due to policy adjustments, market performance caused by abnormal development of the bubble, will with the passage of time and is squeezed by the market, which inevitably leads to surface of labor market and temporary cold and cheerless. But as the market by the deformity of saturated, gradually transition to the normal hunger needs, show the development of the market will return to the due track." Beijing performance Zhang Haijun, head of the company, is the consensus of many people.

Actually, with "thrifty", many performance company has already begun to reposition, find another way out. Will sing at the end of last year, Beijing China brothers planned large-scale song and dance performances, adjusted for stage drama "four generations", unexpectedly didn't expect the market effect, nearly 6000 relocates the ticket all sold out. He Jingbin said: frugality makes', I clearly know that rely on make a block booking, single way is sure to go to protect the box office, so decisive change in tactics. "

A lot of the main operating company, New Year's concert also began to adjust course. Beijing some performance company propaganda chief, said the company to do New Year concert every year, because of the business team, so no trouble how to box office, "can be completely different, last year at the box office is not good, single extinct, our company will adjust direction, do those tickets fully rely on the project, more secured."

In addition, literature and art troupes are also actively explore the road to transformation. China Eastern performing art group rejected "costly large song and dance" and its "art of low cost, high profile"; Perennial "drift" in Beijing, to give big parties troupe of dancers from jilin, the deputy head LengMingYu also revealed that they are opening up new battlefield, will give you a surprise.

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